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Yandere BTS X Reader One-Shots - Taehyung

I let out an unlady-like snort as Taehyung grabbed my band and led me out of the room we were in. “You have your stylists for that Taehyung. And we left Sun by himself” I muttered but followed him obligingly. “I don’t fking care about your boyfriend. You should think before you flirt in front of everyone. Read Taehyung x Reader from the story Taehyung Smut by LucaCloud with 28,554 reads. bts, crack, kimtaehyung. I heard moans coming from the other side of the do.

Read V/Taehyung x Reader One Shot! from the story BTS x Reader One Shot Collection by xXblackraven2000Xx 😍 Genji 😍 with 5,186 reads. jimin, rapmonster, tae. Read Chapter 5 from the story Boss Taehyung x Reader by JRoekie with 191,109 reads. taehyung, bangtan, bts. ''Taehyung'' I said irritated and it amused him. T. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. All that with my glasses contrasted nicely. Of course, I dressed like this because I knew I would impress my husband, Taehyung. I continued to go through the papers without exploding into anger. I heard Taehyung pacing back and forth through the hallway. From where I was sitting, I couldn’t see him. “Taehyung-oppa are you okay”? I called out.

06/11/2019 · Pairing: roommate!Taehyung x reader. Summary: When your town is hit with a heatwave, and the air conditioning at your shared place coincidentally malfunctions, you start to go a little crazy at your shit luck because there’s nothing you hate more than clammy pits, while Taehyung goes a little crazy thinking you’re trying to. Taehyung’s arms wrap around your waist, pulling you closer to him as you kissed him back sweetly. Your fingers thread through Taehyung’s hair. At that moment in time, Yoongi found that it was the best time to walk into the room.Yoongi’s eyes widen at the sight of you two kissing. Text me, Tae - 2. Kim Taehyung x Reader Y/N and Tae texted regularly to a point where in three weeks, they were pretty much good friends. Tae: Good morning! Pairings: V x Reader, Jikook, Namjin, Yoonseok. Warnings: Major character death, flashbacks, swearing, bullying, attempted rape, saddnessness:’Originally posted by kimthwriter. It had been two weeks since Kim Taehyung’s death, and you still couldn’t believe it. Everything had become a. For My Jagiya Taehyung x Reader Fluff You opened your eyes to your bright bedroom, wide awake. The curtains were drawn back and were billowing against the.

Taehyung x reader Reading. Summary: Reading a book together. Genre: Fluff. You were catching up on your favorite manga - One Piece. You had been to busy to read lately and today was perfect. So you sat on the couch with the manga in hand. roomie - taehyung x reader A/N 2k words, angstfluff oneshot. When an unfortunate circumstance lands you in jail overnight, you don’t expect to fall in love with the criminal sharing the cell with. Saviours - Yandere! Taehyung x reader x Yandere! NamjoonThe Anarchy AU All remained of the formerly great city was a labyrinth of traps. Every square inch was ‘owned’ by.

Kim Taehyung x Reader. Genre: Angst. Format: Text Messages. 1.0 2.0 3.0 4.0 5.0 6.0 7.0 [13.06]Finale. I know that 7.0 is ridiculously short but it’s because I wanted 8.0 to be it’s own individual post so I’ll be posting that later today ~ I hope you still enjoy it. BTS x READER ONESHOTS Tragedies, Love triangles, Romance, Comedy, anything can happen, when you're in love, but who's with, well, that's your choice. Fine Taehyung x Reader You hate a lot about Kim Taehyung: his face, his voice, his damn strong arms, and especially that triumphant look he gets when he wins. fluff, 3.5k words, taehyung/reader, rivalhighschool au. Granted, physical education isn’t exactly your favorite class. The Cold Earth - Yandere! Taehyung x reader. Originally posted by yourpinkpill. A shiver took over the young girl’s body as another breeze rattled the trees around her. Her breath was the only warmth she had access to, so she had resorted to curling cup into a foetal position and letting her breath hit her exposed knees, relieving them from. BTS: V / Kim Taehyung x Reader. Jealous!Yoongi x Reader Suga x Reader ♪ If I would have known that you wanted me, the way I wanted you~" Your voices fit together perfectly, his soft voice hit every note without a hitch and yours, able to carry out all the high ones with ease.

V Taehyung x reader Kpop One Shots.

Kim Taehyung x Reader. Genre: Angst. Format: Text Messages [1.0] [13.06]Finale. This will be a mini series with both text message and pure writing posts, here’s part 1 I hope you like it Any suggestions or requests, please ask away! bts bts texts bangtan texts kim taehyung taehyung taehyung. Y/N’s p.o.v. Every single one of those words hit me like a ton of bricks. Why do I keep crying? Why won’t my tears stop? I stared at his messages and wondered if I had messed up by letting him go without talking everything through with him, wondering if my decisions were completely rash but then I realised that if it were meant to be. 02/11/2019 · MENGAPA KัALIAN MึENGANGGAP KัAMI SีEORANG BึAD G้IRL?! Why do you think we're a bad girl?!GLMM - Duration: 10:01. Rama and Syahlya Channel Recommended for you.

Taehyung x reader When you are drunk. Summary: You got drunk and your boyfriend had to bring you home. Genre: Fluff. You were the type of person who gets drunk easily. You were having dinner with the boys and they ordered some alcohol. Placate Taehyung x Reader @daelicious-jongbulge said: Ohhhh can I get a drabble with placate for Taehyung please ? Thanks in advance 💕💓💖 I’m always happy to get requests from you, dear! Also, a.

  1. BTS X Male reader~ You, a prince. You have an event with family, you meet a king every year. This year, you meet shockingly handsome kings. King Jungkook, King Taehyung, King Jimin, King Namjoon, King Hoseok, King Yoongi and last but not least.
  2. Read Taehyung from the story Yandere BTS X Reader One-Shots by Shaffergirl •저는 미국 사람입니다• with 9,701 reads. btsrapmonster, bts, btssuga. Prompt.
  3. 08/09/2010 · Pairing: roommate!Taehyung x reader. Summary: When your town is hit with a heatwave, and the air conditioning at your shared place coincidentally malfunctions, you start to go a little crazy at your shit luck because there’s nothing you hate more than clammy pits, while Taehyung goes a little crazy thinking you’re trying to.
  4. Taehyung X Reader~~ Y/N L/N Is transferred to a new school, she meets multiple students, teachers and the school nurse. Her heart flutters whenever she see's them. However, a certian male is getting her attention. The class president, Kim Taehyung.

bts scenario: they're protective/possessive thank you for your request!! hope you enjoy it! protective/possessive bts is my kink xx → masterlist. it was only taehyung trying to balance a spoon on his nose. “jiminie i was talking,” you said trying to pull your. bts rumour has it btsfaketext-net bts au bts smau bts social media bts sm bts social media au taehyung x reader taehyung x you bts v bts taehyung kim taehyung taehyung bts fake texts bts fake texts au bts fanfic bts fanfiction. itty-bitty - taehyung x reader A/N - written as a request for @taepurpletae. Hey Siri, can you give yourself baby fever by writing a one-shot about a completely fictional situation? 1k words. You. bts scenario: you flinch during a fight hope you enjoy this scenario! angsty scenarios like this are my favorite. hope you all have a good day, love youuuu xx → masterlist → commissions &.

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